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Paul E. Miller Jr. -CFS Certification-BDS Financial Network


In 2016, I founded the Medina office of BDS Financial Network.

I have 31 years of experience helping people to achieve their financial dreams. I was raised on a beef cattle farm in Holmes County Ohio. I learned working on the farm that while hard work usually pays off, it doesn’t always help you achieve your dreams. For that, you’ve got to find out what makes you passionate. For my Dad, it was farming but for me it wasn’t. So, I studied finance at Kent State to learn about business, economics and investing because I wanted to understand how people become financially independent.

In 1987, I was hired at the former investment firm, Kidder Peabody, which was a division of GE Capital. While there, I was specifically trained at GE headquarters to help GE employees prepare and invest for their retirement. My specialty took me to different GE divisions around the country and I gained many relationships from this experience. In 1994, I earned the CFP®(Certified Financial Planner) certification which further expanded my knowledge in income tax, risk management, investment management, retirement savings, education funding and estate planning. In 1995, GE sold Kidder Peabody and though I still work with GE folks, my business has grown to include people from many backgrounds and locations. My mission has always been to help clients achieve financial independence. Being financially independent to me means that you can continue to work if you enjoy it but, you don’t have to work to survive and, you don’t worry about outliving your money.

I’m married to my amazing wife and best friend, Jackie. We’re a blended family with six talented, adult children and I like to joke that the CFP® certification on my business card doesn’t stand for “certified family planner”. As we all know, kids are expensive. Furthermore, having been divorced in the past and enduring such a painful and expensive experience, I have a great deal of empathy for all who have suffered loss and are working to revise their financial plans. Therefore, I welcome all who have experienced a life changing experience and need an empathetic ear.

Now that you know a little about me I’d like to learn about you. Let’s set up a meeting to talk!